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April Fool’s Day is a great day to have a ton of fun with your kids. Spending time with them may even get your mind off what your neighbor Dan will try to pull this year or the fact that your sister always gets you to think she’s engaged. You can turn up the ratchet on fun for you and your kids by trying these pranks for kids because we’re giving you 101 of them.


Nobody really knows why we pull pranks on each other on the first of April. One theory is that it started way back in the 1500s when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar (the one we use now). Word traveled slow in those days so not everyone got the news by the time the new-fangled new year started—January 1st.

Those who still used the outdated calendar celebrated the new year the last week of March through April 1st. They became the butt of many 16th century jokes and were known as fools.

Another theory is that in spring, mother nature plays jokes on us with the crazy weather she hands down. We don’t know if it’ll be warm or cold, making us the fools. Whatever the reason, it’s a great day to let loose and play fun pranks on each other.


From an early age, kids should be taught that pranks and jokes can be fun and should be harmless. This is a great chance to teach them to read their audience. It’s important for your kids to know what pranks won’t go over well on someone else. Somebody may think a fake spider is hilarious and another person may be thrown into a panic attack.

It’s also important that kids know the point of playing a prank on someone is to get them to laugh too. A prank should never be at someone else’s expense just to get a laugh and leave the other person feeling bad about the situation. It can be great fun and a great learning experience!

Now, let’s have a little fun with the kiddos. Here are some of the best pranks for kids to play on someone else.


Have your kids draw a big bug on the top part of the TP so when the older kids or other parent goes to the bathroom they’ll get a scary surprise.
Have your child paint clear nail polish on a dry bar of soap. Switch it out for the one in the shower. The person who tries to use it will get zero suds and it will drive them crazy. They can also put plastic wrap under the cap of the shampoo bottle to keep the shampoo from coming out.
Have your kids put a helium balloon under the toilet seat when everyone is in bed or not looking. The next person to go to the bathroom will get a surprise when they lift the lid.


Get one of your kids up early and have them place googly eye stickers on everything in the fridge. This will get everyone laughing when it’s opened.

Have your kids put frosting on a big sponge and present it to a visitor or other family members. Ask the other person to cut a piece and listen to the laughter.

Have your kid put a rubber band around the kitchen sink spray nozzle. Somebody will get wet.


These are funny pranks you can get your kids to play on other family members and friends. Make sure you join in on their laughter when the other person gets pranked.Fill the toes of everyone’s shoes with a paper towel or tissueSet the digital clocks in the house forward so everyone thinks they’re late.

Have your kid put whipped cream in a family member’s hand and tickle their noseLet them put a big fake bug in a sibling’s shoeTape a large sign on the back of a family member’s car that says “My family’s playing a prank on me, please honk your horn”—this will drive them crazy.

Get one of your of kids to help you turn everything you can upside down in the living roomPut Vaseline on the doorknob everyone uses to leave the house in the morningYou kid will have a blast and look forward to April Fool’s Day every year.


Of course, you want to play pranks on your kids. This is a perfect way to get them back—just a little—for the tantrums, the messy bathrooms, and the 3 am nightmares, but with love. So let’s prank the little ones.


You want to go a little easier on the younger kids. They may not understand some pranks for kids that older children will find funny.


This is a funny way to trick those young ones.  End each one with a big “April Fool’s Day!”Brownies”- Call everyone to the kitchen for a treat, then fill a plate with brown construction paper “E”sHot fudge sundaes made with mashed potatoes and gravy with a cherry tomato on top—HA!Pour a bowl of cereal the night before and pop it in the freezer for April Fool’s Day morningServe meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes in cupcake liners for dinnerMix up their favorite cereal by switching the boxes they’re inPut a drop or two of food coloring in the milk the night beforeAdd lemon juice to your child’s glass of water and check out their face when they drink itPoke pinprick holes in their plastic water bottle and when they pick it up, they’ll get a mini shower


Everybody loves a little spin on the classics. Let the good times roll.


Come on, April Fools Day can get a little gross. Take an empty toilet paper roll and soak it in water. It will turn to brown mush. Mold it in the shape of… well, you know. Then leave it on the edge of the toilet seat. Let the shrieks begin.


Clean out a Windex bottle really well and fill it with water and blue food coloring. Make sure you’re in front of your family as you clean something. Spray a few squirts in your mouth. This will shock everyone! You can do this with an opaque bottle and water.

Put a raisin in a sheet of paper towel. Make a big deal of needing to kill a fly in the room. Smack the counter and show your kids you “got it”. Look at it and pop it in your mouth.

At bedtime, just as it’s light’s out, shout “Squirt gun attack” and let them have it. Be prepared to change their sheets if they get too wet from… whatever.


These are timeless classic pranks for kids to laugh at themselves or a ridiculous situation you’ve created.Put everyone’s clean underwear on a ceiling fan and have your kids turn it onTell your kids they can have an extra dessert if they clean their rooms and when they’re done have someone mess it up before you go to check it with themPut black rice in their sheets or room for “mouse poop”

Start a funny argument like, “No matter how much you beg, I will not let you skip dessert,” and keep it going as long as possibleWhile your small kids are sleeping switch them into different bedsSuperglue coins to the sidewalk just outside your door


Ok, the stakes are raised on these pranks for kids that have entered the dreaded teenage years. Let’s go to town.


A little fright never hurt anyone. It’s always fun to see the momentary shock as a sudden loud noise hits them. It’s worth getting this on video if you can so they can laugh at their reaction too.Tape balloons to the door so they will pop when your teen opens itDo the same thing with an air hornTape “pop it” crackers from the 4th of July to the toilet seat and gently put the seat down so when someone sits—POP!


After your teen leaves for the day, put a “for sale” sign in the front yard. They will come in a little panicked. Extra points for having put stuff in their room in a moving box.
Remove all the electronics from their room and tell them there was a burglary. You can do this with jewelry or whatever they hold dear in their room.

Buy a pack of fake hair that matches your teen’s hair. While they’re sleeping put cut up pieces on their pillow. They will freak out! While you’re at it, set several alarms and hide them around their room.
Text your teen to hurry home because you got a puppy. When they get home, say you meant to say pepper and show them a green bell pepper.


Teens love clothes so targeting this is a great way to prank them. Ask for a few bags from their favorite stores; they’ll give them to you for a prank. When your kids get home from school, tell them you felt like treating them to some new clothes they’ve been eyeing. Fill the bags with clothes they already have.


Run a needle and thread through all their underwear so when they pull one, all of them come out of the drawerDo the same thing with pairs of socks so they don’t come apart easilyIf your teen lays out what they will wear the night before, hide the outfitTurn all their clothes inside outBuy them underwear two sizes too big or too small and switch out their normal underwearSwitch out their clothes with those of their siblingButton their button-up shirts all the way up in their closetPut love notes in every pocket of the clothes they will wear


Is there anything your teenager love more than their electronics? No. No there isn’t, so let’s have fun with it. Let’s start with their precious phones. There are cracked screen stickers you can get. Put one on their phone and tell them you dropped it.

Hide their phone in the fridge, bathroom cabinet, or in the pocket of a random coat in the coat closet and call it incessantly. If your teen calls you frequently, change your voicemail to “Hello? Hello? Honey, are you there? Hellooooo? Ha! April Fools!”

Use clear packing tape on their laptop so they can’t open it. There are spilled liquid clings you can get to put on the keyboard of their laptop to freak them out.

You can go into their phone settings and change certain words they text. Here’s how on the iPhone:Launch general settingsTap keyboardTap text replacementTap the + in the top right cornerIn the phrase field, type the entire phrase you want to appearIn the shortcut field, type the word or words you want to be replaced by the new phraseTap save at the top rightThis will drive them crazy and we love it. Ok, so what should you change? We have ideas:OMG” to “groovy”“Hey” to “Hello, this is (their name)”“I” to “me”“Dude” to “mister”“Stupid” to “smart”“No” to “yes” and vice versa“LOL” to “that’s not funny”Anything to its opposite: before to after, later to soon, can’t to can, yeah to nah, cool to yuck, etc

Switch versions of they’re, their and there, or to, two and too“What are you doing?” to “I love my mom“


If your teens are driving, we’ve got great pranks for kids that drive. Try these:There are fake parking tickets you can print or buy and place on their windshield with expensive finesPlace a sardine under the door handle of the driver’s side doorTape a note on the back of their car that says “I love my parents”Fill their car with balloonsWrap an open can of tuna in plastic wrap, poke holes in it and put it under the driver’s seatPut googly eye stickers on their rearview mirrorCover their car with hundreds of post-it notesWrite “I love my parents” on their car with soapPrint large photos of them when they were young and tape them all over their car


Teens have an image to uphold so it’s great to have a little fun with them while they’re in their element. Try not to embarrass them too much or you may get the wrath of their crazy teenaged hormones which can make these pranks for kids fall flat for you.If they have money in their purse or wallet, fill it with ones or coinsAdd a child’s coloring book and a pack of crayons to their backpackAdd a toy doll or army men to their backpack

Add ridiculous bookmarks to the school booksAdd a fake bug to their backpack or lunch bagPut love notes in each book that will fall out when they open itSwitch the food in their lunch bag with candy or baby food.

Add cash so they can buy something elseTry to get all their friends and teachers to call them by another name for the day


Pranks for kids are a fun way for the family to have a laugh or two—or ten—throughout the day by playing pranks on each other. You’re also teaching your kids to have a sense of humor about harmless and funny pranks.

One of the best pranks to play on your kids is to keep telling them days in advance how excited you are for April Fools Day. Tell them you’ve been planning pranks all year. On the actual day, do nothing. They’ll be freaked out all day waiting for pranks.

But let’s not limit it to the family.

What if you turn some pranks for kids on your neighbors? You can have a good-natured laugh with fun-loving neighbors. These should only be played on neighbors you have a good relationship with—you don’t want to start a war.

Leave a note on your neighbor’s car saying, “I’m sorry I hit your car” and watch them try to find the dingPut a sign in their yard that says “We have the best neighbors” with an arrow pointing at your house

Put a “for sale” sign on their car with your number on it so they’ll call you and you can answer with “April Fool’s Day!”Call your neighbor at work and say, “I didn’t know you were moving;” when they ask what you’re talking about, say “Well, movers are moving all your stuff out”

Spread fake cockroaches on their porch

Put a for sale or for rent sign in their yardPut a “beware of dog” sign in their yardToilet paper their trees but help them take it downPut a note on their door that says “Sorry we missed you, but we did what you asked”We’ve given you the ultimate pranks for kids list.

Have fun and remember when you laugh the world laughs with you.

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