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Growing up, one of the best pastimes at a slumber party was prank calling friends who were not there. You and your friends would all laugh and try to keep quiet while someone dialed a friend to ask if their refrigerator was running. But the fun does not have to end with those sleepovers. Now you can really step up your prank calling game with PrankOwl.


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PrankOwl is an online website that allows you to play some of the most convincing pranks on your friends. They offer a wide selection of sounds and recordings for you to pick from. Simply select which sound you like, enter the phone number you want to prank, and start the call. You can choose to record the conversation as well so you can hear how the person on the other end responds.



What is great about PrankOwl is that there are a number of different pranks you can pull. If you want something a little bit more advanced than the recorded sound prank, you can also make two of your friends call each other. They will both have no idea how they got onto the call or why they are talking to the other person. Additionally, you can do a spoof call where your caller ID can be spoofed into being someone else’s. You can make them think you are a stranger, a different friend, or their mom.

The highlight of PrankOwl is the ease of use. Everything is done on their end, so you do not have to worry about how to call. Simply type in the phone numbers into their secure website, select how long you want the call to go on for, and they do the rest. They give you all the joys of pranking without the hassle of actually executing the prank yourself.


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PrankOwl pranks function on the use of tokens. Each call will require a certain number of tokens, typically only costing one token per call. When you start out, you will receive three free tokens to do with what you like. After that, you can purchase tokens in a number of different packages, or even set your own price. The tokens will begin at roughly $6 for 25 tokens. The more tokens you buy, the cheaper each individual token will cost you (55 tokens will be about $11, 100 tokens for about $16, etc.)



We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.  

 It does not cost anything to access the PrankOwl website. When you sign up, you will receive three free tokens to do with as you like. You can then choose to purchase additional tokens if you want to continue making prank calls. These tokens will get cheaper in price the more you buy, but you can get their lowest package of 25 tokens for about $6.




PrankOwl is very simple to use. They have three different types of prank calls you can choose from, all of which are well laid out and simple to understand. They ask you to enter the designated phone numbers, how long you want the call to last, and then they do the rest. You do not even have to download an app on your phone to use it although for some people that would make things easier.


PrankOwl offers three different types of pranks. The sound prank option has a number of different situations and voices that will call and confuse your friend. The spoof call will change your caller ID so your friend thinks someone other than you is calling them. The operator prank will call two of your friends without either of them knowing how they got connected to the other person. The three options are great and allow for a variety of mayhem to ensure. However, the options that are there are not as fully developed as some of the other prank call websites.


When deciding on a prank from PrankOwl, you do not have to worry about executing the prank. Everything is set up for you and only requires a brief amount of preparation. The phones calls do work and will contact who you want them to contact. Overall, the calls are rather effective and will be sure to create a hilarious slew of memories.


  • Offers sound pranks, spoof call pranks, and operator pranks
  • Makes prank calling simple and fun
  • Can record the conversations of those getting pranked


  • Does not have as many sound prank variations as other prank websites have
  • Does not have an app form
  • Is not fully developed; still has functions in process and not yet available



PrankDial is a well-trusted prank calling website with tons of options available for their users. They have sent millions of hilarious phone calls to people all around the globe and could give you and your friends something to laugh about for weeks. PrankDial offers US users three free prank calls per day, with the option to call more than that with their token system.

PrankDial offers three free calls per day on their website. Their day resets on 24-hour increments, meaning that if you called at 1 PM, 3 PM, and 6 PM one day, you would have one free call back at 1 PM, two back by 3 PM, and all three back by 6 PM. They also offer tokens which you can pay for in order to make calls later at night, call internationally, and call more than three times a day. These tokens range in price and will become cheaper the more you buy. You can get their most popular package with 20 tokens for about $6.


PrankDial has an online website and an app version of their program for both Android and iPhone devices. This allows you to have full access to their database everywhere you go. Plus, they take all the hassle out of prank calling. You do not have to worry about how to set it up or how to pull it off. Simply type in the phone number and you are good to go.


PrankDial offers tons of prank call scenarios to pick from. They have separate categories for the types of calls you may want to pick, or you can choose one of their most popular scenarios and hope for the best. While typing in the phone number, you can also choose to have them record the phone call (so long as you are not calling someone in a prohibited state) so you can hear their reaction to the call.


Since there are so many scenarios available, there is bound to be something to get under the skin of your potential victim. The scenarios are well voiced and can sound fairly convincing to unsuspecting people. Plus, being able to hear how the other person reacted allows you to see just how effective each prank really is.


  • Has a large selection of prank scenarios
  • Can be done online or on their app (available for both Android and iOS devices)
  • Provides you with three free calls per day


  • Only offers prank scenarios; limited in the style of pranking
  • Tokens are more expensive than at other prank calling websites



Prankster gives you the joy of prank calling with endless possibilities at your fingertips. This app is full to the brim with hilarious prank scenarios that can contact people in a variety of languages. Prankster is a great app to use while having a party, meeting up with friends for a night out, or having a night in with your family.

Prankster offers three free calls per day on their app. They also offer tokens which you can pay for in order to make additional calls throughout the day and provide you with voicemail options. These tokens range in price and will become cheaper the more you buy. You can get their cheapest package, which includes eight tokens, for about $3. You can also get free tokens if you invite friends to use the app.


This is a simple to use app that anyone can enjoy. Since the app is directly on your phone, all you have to do is select the prank scenario, dial in the number (or select it from your contacts), and wait to see what happens. The app has an easy-to-follow interface and makes pranking a breeze.


One of the coolest features of this pranking app is its recording system. The app itself has a “My Calls” section where any prank call you send out can be recorded and saved there. You can then go back to these saved calls whenever you would like and enjoy the hilarity that ensued. There is also the option to share these moments on social media so others can enjoy your pranks.


This app does everything it says it will and more. Everything is clearly laid out which makes it easy to select exactly what you want. You can then sit back and enjoy the calls you initiated with their recording function. Their jokes are funny and the calls are well produced.


  • Can prank call in multiple languages
  • Provides you with three free prank calls a day
  • Has over 100 different prank call scenarios
  • Will save your recorded calls in the app so you can revisit them or share them on social media


  • Only offers prank scenarios; limited in the style of pranking
  • Tokens are more expensive than at other prank calling websites


fake news

Fake-A-Call Free is an Android exclusive app that can really take your pranking to the next level. Not only can you call totally for free, but you can schedule your calls. This way you can prank someone while you are with them, while they are on a date, or while they are in a meeting. It is sneaky, clever, and very satisfying.

As the name suggests, Fake-A-Call Free is a free Android app that does not require purchases in order for you to make a call. There are, however, a number of ads that may appear on your screen as you use the app.


While the interface is simple to follow, and the setup is easy to accomplish, this app has been known to act up while in use. The end call button is a bit finicky and users have stated that they do not always get their calls to go through the way they want them to.


The cool thing about Fake-A-Call is that you can schedule your prank calls. This is a fun feature if you want to see your friend experience the prank call first hand. It can also be a fun way to interrupt a class, a meeting, or a date. You can also choose to make the call instantly and there is the option to have your prank call recorded for you to listen back on.


As mentioned above, this app is a little less than consistent when it comes to its prank calls. When it works, it is great. The pranks are hilarious and the recording function lets you listen back time and time again. When it does not work, your jokes can fall flat and turn out to be a little more embarrassing for you than funny for them.


  • Can be used for free
  • Allows you to schedule prank calls
  • Allows you to select the caller ID, the ringtone, and the photo they see


  • Is an Android-only app
  • Is not as quality-ensured as other prank call apps
  • Has ads on its main interface


Overall, PrankOwl is a great choice for those looking to make some prank calls. The website can be accessed on any device, and prank calls are just seconds away. PrankOwl receives a rating of 4-stars. The multitude of pranking formats is innovative and the quality of the website is superb even though you do not receive free calls each day.

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