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While April Fool’s Day is a day that is dedicated to pranking, there are also some who prefer to use the other 364 days to prank people. Pranks have a lot of variations. They can be hilarious, clever, funny, embarrassing, painful, gross, ugly and distasteful. It all depends on the intent of the prankster. Here, we’ll look at 20 prank websites for all different levels and intents of pranksters, why they do it, and who to prank.

You might get some great ideas revving in your brain, or you might actually laugh out loud reading about them and imagining people’s reactions.


Usually, pranking is done to get a reaction. In most cases, it’s laughter, one of the best medicines. It can add some excitement to an otherwise boring day. It can be fun for everyone as long as it’s not done with the intent of harming someone physically or emotionally.

Pranking is fun to plan out, set up, and watch it all unfold. On the other hand, if you get pranked, have a good laugh, anyway. If you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at the people you intend to prank?



You CAN prank anyone. You should plan your pranks to fit your prankees. For example, you probably don’t want to startle your 90-year-old grandma, but putting a fart noise maker near her chair will create some harmless fun. If you have a parent that’s not so tech-savvy, pretending to hack into his or her computer is a good way to go as long as they don’t go into a full-blown panic mode.

You can even prank your little brothers or sisters by doing something silly like taping fishing line to a dollar and leaving it on the floor for them to find, but then pulling the string each time they try to grab it. Then there is pranking your friends. There is a lot more leeway here as they may not fall for the small stuff.



We looked at countless prank websites and reviewed a wide variety that would appeal to many people. We looked at cute and funny pranks all the way through to harsh and ruthless ones and everywhere in between. There should be perfect prank websites for virtually any prankster out there.


  • MTV Pranked
  • GIF Dance Party
  • Hacker Typer
  • Nyan It
  • Pug A Day
  • Urban Prankster
  • Rotten Eggs
  • Prank Greeting Cards
  • Fake Checkin
  • Shit Express
  • JibJab Messages
  • Like Creeper
  • News of Future
  • Crashsafari
  • Google Terminal
  • ShipYourEmemiesGlitter
  • Sexy Prank
  • Pug A Day
  • The MIT Gallery of Hacks



MTV Pranked is a show created by your average children and adults who stage live pranks and capture them on video. It’s currently still airing and you can plan out a prank and submit the captured footage or sit back, watch and have a laugh with some friends. It may even inspire you to recreate some awesome pranks.



This is a prank website where you can create a GIF dance party and invite whoever you want! You can even crop photos of you and your friends and/or family right into the mix. The good news is you can share it with whoever you want, the bad news is that it can only be used on desktop computers, not allowing it to work on smartphones or tablets. If you plan a good party someone will get a good laugh next time they sit down at their desktop.



This prank website gives you the ability to type as if you are a hacker. You can trick anyone into thinking you cracked the code to their passwords. It appears as a black screen with a bright green writing in all sorts of letters, numbers, and symbols and there’s even a box that pops up that says “ACCESS GRANTED,” or “ACCESS ALLOWED.” This one has a good chance of freaking someone out.



For these prank websites, you can use the URL of any website and type it into Nyan It, which will then create a new URL you can send to anyone you wish. When the person or people you’re targeting click on the new URL, it will be filled with Nyan cats and you can watch all the confusion unfold. You may also get some laughs or confused people.



For about $10, you can submit any phone number and Pug A Day will send them a picture of a pug every day for 100 days. While you could submit someone’s phone number who actually loves pugs, you could also submit someone’s phone number who would find this obnoxious.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after 1 or 2 or 3 pictures, but the more pictures that are sent the easier it will be to annoy someone. Unfortunately, the recipient can reply STOP to end the string of pug pictures.



This is a blog all about pranks, hacks, community art, and other creative ideas that occur in public places. Something you might see on this site is a street art portion where someone posted a picture of where a street artist added Mario Kart symbols to a bike lane. This is for a prankster with a creative and artsy type of vibe.



Rotten Eggs is one of those prank websites that have a community base. It will give you ideas on how to plan out clever pranks. You may even meet other prank hobbyists along the way. You can share your ideas or best pranks, making it a jackpot of prank ideas.


greeting card

These are physical cards that can be ordered and sent anonymously. They aren’t your standard drugstore cards though, Prank Greeting Cards have a few tricks up their sleeves. One is similar to ShipYourEnemiesGlitter, where you open the card and glitter explodes everywhere.

Another type of card they specialize in are ones with buttons that play noises when pressed, but the prank is that they play for three or more hours with no way to turn the noise off. Pressing the button a second time will only make the sound louder. One example of this type of card is one for a baby shower with a beautiful sleeping baby on the front, but the noise is crying of a baby.

You can even get a combination of glitter and non-stop noise. You can shop for cards for most occasions and they range from about $5- $12 depending on which feature or features you’re looking for. What a fun way to celebrate a holiday with someone who is far away from earshot.



This app can be used to make someone think you’re somewhere you’re not. For about a dollar you can purchase this app and show what you want your location to be, without actually having to be there.

You can trick your parents into thinking you’re studying at the library, trick your friends into thinking you’re somewhere super exciting meeting a celebrity, or even pretend you’re on an amazing all expense paid vacation while you’re miserably stuck at work. The possibilities are endless for tons of fun and pranks.



Shit Express is awkwardly right to the point. They will mail shit in a box all around the world anonymously. The best part is that you can actually pick the animal the shit comes out of.

One example they offer is organic, wet horse poop. A good guess would be that the organic part doesn’t make it any better. You can send a box of shit to someone that is annoying the shit right out of you for around $17! Just think about the look on someone’s face when they open a box full of shit.


JibJab logo

This is currently a free app where you can take a selfie and see yourself in a variety of GIFs and then you can send them to people. You can make it look like you are wearing a cowboy hat and riding a hotdog, turn yourself into a dancing cupcake, or even capture yourself snapping bamboo in half wearing a karate outfit. They have GIFs for every occasion, making for tons of year-round fun!



This is one of those 100% anonymous prank websites. The person of your choosing will receive what’s referred to as message bomb of your choosing. You can choose from two different categories: Fake Craigslist Text Prank- your target will get fake text messages from Craigslist, and Non-Stop Cats Phone Prank where random cat pictures will be sent to the person of your choosing. All pranks are funny and different.



Like Creeper is similar to how it sounds. The prank site will link to your Instagram and like photos that your friend’s posted years ago, making you seem like a creepy stalker. The aim is for the web application to find a lame picture and draw attention to it with your like; thereby embarrassing a random friend or family member and showing how much the evolution of picture taking has changed.



News of Future will show you news on what is expected in the future. Some of it could happen, some of it is weird and crazy. An example of an article you can find on this prank site is “First Hotel on the Moon Finally Opens.” This one is good for your more gullible friends or loved ones.


mobile phone

When you send the website link from Crashsafari, you can use a shortened URL to hide what you’re doing. You can send it directly to someone or post it on social media platforms in hopes you’ll get some clicks. If clicked on, it will overwhelm the memory of the device and force a reboot. It’s a good way to get someone to stop messaging you, for a little while anyway.



This prank website is based on the 80s. You can open this site and search for absolutely anything and it will format everything to look how it would if you were in the 80s. It’s a blast from the past in the present!



If you use this website, you can pay around $10 to send anyone you want a glitter bomb that will most definitely make a huge mess everywhere! Even if that someone in your life has a great love for glitter, you can bet they don’t have a great love for cleaning it up. What a dazzling prank.


Sexy back

How many times has someone responded “nothing” when you ask them what they want for a holiday or birthday? There’s a good chance it has happened a bunch of times. Frustrating, right? Now you can send them nothing… but in an embarrassing way.

With Sexy Prank, you can send them outrageous sexual boxes that are totally empty. Some boxes they have to choose from are a naughty dungeon and Anal Gourmet Anus Creams. May the next person who says they want “nothing” for their birthday get a Sexy Prank Box!



The word hack at MIT refers to clever or “ethical” pranks or practical jokes. This is for more of what one would describe as a nerdy or geeky type of prankster who acts in a clever way. An example of this type of prank would be Wikipedia cleanup tags placed all around campus. It can be funny to the MIT community and sometimes to others who enjoy that kind of humor.


The best prank websites will absolutely depend on the person or persons involved. Some of these pranks are cute and harmless, some are messy, and some are flat out cruel. If you’re playing a fun prank on someone you actually like, you might want to lean towards the pranks that cause no harm like sending them 100 pug pictures.

If you’re looking to prank someone who makes your life a nightmare, perhaps sending them shit in a box will be a bit more satisfying. Whichever prank you choose, may you get the reaction you hope for. Happy pranking and prank responsibly!

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