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The Impractical Jokers consist of four men; Joseph “Joe” Gatto, James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Salvatore “Sal” Vulcano, who refer to themselves as lifelong friends. They have an American comedy troupe called The Tenderloins, but they are more widely known for their popular American hit series television show called Impractical Jokers on the TruTV network.

It’s an absolutely hilarious show with actors who provide endless humor, but which of the guys does it the best? Which of them are the worst? For those of you who know Impractical Jokers well, asking to pick a favorite may be appalling; or maybe you already have a favorite in mind. Perhaps your favorite Joker even changes from episode to episode. Here we will look at some of the high points and low points of the jokers and try to conclude which Impractical Joker is the best overall


Impractical Jokers is a hidden- camera prank show series unlike many of your typical prank shows. Instead of pranking other people, they dare each other to do or say crazy and embarrassing things in a variety of public places and settings. No matter how ridiculous or outrageous the dare is, if they don’t do or say what they’re told by the others, they lose the round.

Whoever has the most losses at the end of the show is forced to do a punishment put together by the other three Impractical Jokers. They have no choice but to do what they are told, and have no clue what they are doing until they get thrown in. Given they have been friends their entire lives, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, giving the show more of personalized and bold touch.



Joe is typically eager to conquer most challenges, but he often backs down when it comes to saying unbecoming things to women. He loves to eat and is often doing so while daring the other Jokers. 


Murr is often seen smiling and enthusiastic. He’s commonly teased about having a ferret-like look to him, yet he’s almost always a snazzy dresser. You can usually tell when Murr is hesitant to complete a dare when he does his infamous neck twitch.


Q is the most laid back joker. He’s good at rolling with the punches, but he’s not good at dancing and doesn’t like to try. He lives alone with three cats and it’s not uncommon for the other jokers to remind him of it. He is also known for his American Flag scarf that has appeared in countless episodes throughout the duration of the series.


Sal is a germaphobe and easily frightened, especially by cats. He also laughs often while playing out his dares. Sometimes he laughs so hard at the other Jokers behind the scenes that he falls over, usually taking something or someone with him. Sal has a way of moving his body that makes him look elastic; which has come in handy more times than one would imagine possible.



The Jokers need to jump into all different kinds of different rolls, sometimes at the drop of a hat. Here we will look at how each one of the guys can adapt to situations.


While he looks like a genius and professional with his extensive wardrobe of suits, he can easily make a quick change into tight biker shorts to look like an athlete, or just add a mustache and you get a creepy stereotypical pervert look! He also rocks any of the employee shirts worn in relevant skits, seamlessly blending in with the other employees.


Instead of taking on a role to fit in, Joe tends to take the situation and turn it into an environment to fit his personality. He sometimes goes as far as saying or doing wacky things during his turn that the other jokers don’t even tell him to do.


He is a man of the people. Sal has a strange way of making others around him open up and feel comfortable sharing information. Due to his laughing fits, it’s difficult for him to play the more serious or professional roles successfully.


He is probably the calmest of the actors. When given a task he stays grounded, making him appear to be on the more believable side.


The Impractical Jokers never know how people around them will react to their madness, but this is a big part of what makes the show so great. They can do the same bit countless times and come out with incredible amounts of fantastic footage.


Because he can adapt quickly into any role, it almost makes him too good, or at least enough for people to be skeptical of him.


Joe is so funny and boisterous that he is great at getting the surrounding people to laugh just as much as everyone watching from home.


Sal is a genuine guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s an uncommon occurrence for people to clam up around Sal. He usually gets people to listen and perform strange requests.


Because of his relaxed demeanor, he often gets reactions and answers free from tension. That is, unless he says something that doesn’t go over well, for example, the infamous “Don’t call me mustache.”


Even though the boys are competing, they are also creating a comedy show and they have people that depend on Impractical Jokers making them laugh. What’s better than watching an episode of Impractical Jokers after a rough day? Not much.


He seems to go for balance. He wants to win, but he also wants to make sure he provides all the viewers with enjoyment at the same time.


Joe remains funny whether he’s doing what the others tell him, or just being himself and going through skits saying his own unscripted nonsense.


He is open with his emotions and has a tough time keeping a straight face when he’s supposed to be serious. Some might think’s a bad trait, however it makes it even more funny.


He is completely focused on the goal; winning! He has even gone so far as to cheat a time or two.


Here we’ll discuss who has the courage or determination to do and say what the others instruct.


He is difficult to predict. He seems to be random at the things he will and won’t do which surprises viewers. Sometimes he will calmly come out and say some risky things while other times he takes a thumbs down for something that most would consider being on the tame side. He does a neck twitch when he’s unsure, and those are the times it’s difficult to guess which choice he’s about to make.


Joe is full of dignity and carries it tall and proud during challenges. He is difficult to embarrass and can even flip the situation making him appear brave rather than awkward or ashamed. Joe is also not afraid to do disgusting things like when he licked a stranger’s foot.


While Sal has many fears such as germs, heights, cats and more, he can still overcome these during some dares, but mostly he only conquers these fears because the other Jokers force him to do so during punishments. He has a face that displays hesitation but will say or do a lot of things the others instruct.


He is decisive, he quickly chooses whether he wants to do something, and it’s almost as if you can see a lightbulb go off in his head and you can tell he’s going for it. On the flip side, It’s usually clear when he will not do something and quickly taps out.


It’s a four-way tie! When it comes down to it, every Impractical Joker wins because they are all great in their own unique way, making it impossible to choose just one. Concerning versatility, it seems Murr adapts to the widest array of roles quickly. If we’re talking about reactions, Sal wins this category because it seems he can get the largest amount of people to divulge information.

Q wins for performance because of his ability to maintain casualness in the strangest of situations. Finally, Joe wins regarding guts because there are not a lot of things he won’t try, and the things he tries, he goes all out for.

Maybe this didn’t help you choose a favorite, but maybe you don’t need just one favorite! If you appreciate an unpredictable, nice dressing ferret-type guy who has a quirky neck twitch, Murr might be a favorite. If you like the dignified, bold personality Joe is a good choice for you. If you find it funny to watch someone hurdle over various fears and who can make their body look like a noodle, then Sal is your guy. If you find that the laid back, relaxed type that still gets great reactions, Maybe Q is for you. After all the facts, maybe the best answer is to simply choose a favorite skit by skit!

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