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When a computer can no longer operate, it shows that the system has an error. Unless it is rectified, the computer cannot work. This is one of the scariest errors that anyone can encounter since you’ll be worried about the computer files you have saved and whether the computer will restart. No one would want such a message. However, it is possible to create a fake Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

The prank would scare the victim as it will mirror the actual BSoD error message. So how do you create a fake Blue Screen of Death? This article highlights what the fake Blue Screen of Death is, what you’ll need for the prank, and how to pull it off.Quick NavigationWhat Is the Fake Blue Screen of Death?What You Will Need for the PrankHow to Pull It OffConclusionhttps://web.archive.org/web/20210120124118if_/https://www.youtube.com/embed/dNYSCWJiDx4?rel=0&modestbranding=0&controls=1&showinfo=1&fs=1&wmode=transparent


A fake Blue Screen of Death, which is also referred to as the fake BSoD, is a prank where the screen shows a stop error screen displayed on a windows computer system after. It shows that the system has a fatal system error, also known as a system crash. It typically happens when the operating system reaches a condition where it can no longer operate safely. The PC user believes that the computer has malfunctioned, but it is all a prank.

It shows that a system crash has occurred. While you may not have encountered such a message, it is a common affair for regular Windows users, but it can give you nightmares if you are new to Windows. System crashes are the sad part, but playing a prank on someone can be fun. Some inventive and good-humored people have developed ways you can use to pull this harmless and funny prank on coworkers, friends, and family. This is why we compiled several steps on how to pull it off.


One of the best and simple ways of pulling off the prank is by using fake Blue Screen of Death image and making it the background. The images are relatively easy to find on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Ask. We recommend using Google. You can select the images from a variety of sizes, including wallpapers. Another way of pilling off the prank is using Notepad and writing codes which will be highlighted in the next section of this article.

You can also use screen savers. You’ll need to download and install the Bluescreen Saver v.3.2 created by Mark Russinovich. This screensaver shows the actual system information, and it can be used in mimicking hard dive activity. You’ll also need the windows computer of your friend, family, or co-wo rker as you cannot pull it off without installing the blues screen saver. The screen saver scrolls through different blue screens and simulated boots every 15 seconds, making it realistic. The screensaver is from Microsoft so you won’t have to worry about downloading viruses.

Other ways of pulling off the prank include:

  • A C++ program to open the BSoD Prank 1.0
  • Remote BSOD invocator
  • KPSaver to prank your Mac OS-X friends, family, and co-workers
  • Dashboard widgets
  • A remote device that triggers a fake Blue Screen of Death prank.


There are many ways of pulling off this prank, but the easiest one is by downloading a wallpaper or image and setting it as the background. Another way we recommend is using Notepad. Below is a series of steps and ways on how you’ll pull it off.


  • 1Find a picture of the fake Blue Screen of Death online through a search engine.
  • 2Set it as the background picture of the victim’s Windows computer. Do this by right-clicking on the image and then selecting “Set as Background.”
  • 3Get rid of the computer screen icons. Do this by right-clicking on your desktop and clicking on “Arrange Icons” by moving the mouse down to show desktop icons and clicking on it to uncheck. (After pulling off the prank, you’ll do the opposite to fix it.)
  • 4Use Ctrl+Alt+Delete. You can use your preferred method here to run the task manager. Top the process called explore.exe. This takes away the start bar at the bottom of the PC. You can reverse this by using Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then clicking in “File->Run n then typing explore.exe to restart the process.
  • 5Get your victim. Have the person you intended to prank come back and glance at their computer, making them think it is a Blue Screen of Death.



Notepad is another way of pulling the prank. Here are the steps:

  • 1Go to the Notepad and the type Run. The Run keyboard shortcut is Windows Key+R.
  • 2Type in @echo off on the Notepad in the first line to begin.
  • 3Type eco, pause, or dir/s. Start by typing echo to make a line or sentence. The pause functionality makes it say, “Press any key to continue.” Dir/s, on the other hand, makes the computer to scan files to make it look like they are getting deleted. To make a sentence or line, do echo(space)(any text). Put pause to have that and then put dir/s the same way as pause. Each should be on a different line. End in pause.
  • 4Go to File >> Save As >>. The change .txt to anything you want and then make it a batch file by adding .bat at the end. On windows, click “desktop.” You’ll find a .bat file computer icon. Click Save.
  • 5Right click on the .bat file on the desktop and click “properties.” Go to options and make it full screen. Go to Colors and select blue. Select the text color on the top corner. Make that bright white.
  • 6Click the icon on the victim’s PC. The .bat file looks like an icon with gears and a paper. Ensure that it is the same as the one you had edited in properties.
  • 7Complete the process by setting it up on the PC and wait for someone to use it.


Download and install the zip file of the screen saver on the PC. Extract it to “Sysinternals.scr into your WindowsSystem32 directory, and then choose it as the active screensaver. Have the victim see the computer screen.


You can prank your coworkers, library or school with the BSOD Prank 1.0 or BSoD.exe downloadable on cnet.com. The C++ program stimulates a fake Blue Screen of Death. After downloading, open the .exe file and then press Alt+Enter to start and Esc to end it.


Compile your own custom prank program using the “Remote BSoD Invocator,” which is also referred to as BSOD, as a template. It lets you choose an URL to BSoD and also lets you choose between many error messages or even create your own.



The fake Blue Screen of Death prank can also be pulled on Mac OS-X users. The Kernel Panic may not be seen as often as the BSoD, but it is part of Mac users life. KPSaver is a neat screensaver prank developed by Doomlaser that stimulates the dreaded Kernel Panic, the equivalent of Windows BSOD.


You can use dashboard widgets to stimulate a BSoD or a Kernel Panic.
Fake Kernel Panic with “Popcorn Kernel”
You can fake a funny kernel panic with a Popcorn Kernel that has a smiley face and text that tells the PC user “Don’t freak out.” It is not really a Kernel Panic, but you’ve been pranked. You only need to click on the smiley face, and your computer will be fine.


The BSoDmizer is a device that remotely interferes with a computer and its VGA monitor. It allows the pranker to trigger it through infrared remote control.


Man in white shirt annoyed while using laptop

Image via Pexels

A BSoD is caused by poorly written device drivers or when the PC hardware is malfunctioning, such as a faulty memory, overheating components, or power supply issues. It is one of the scariest messages you can encounter when using a PC. This is why it is a good avenue of pulling off a good prank on a friend, family member, or a co-worker.  The fake Blue Screen of Death causes a fake BSOD message pranking an unsuspecting victim.

One of the easiest ways of pulling off the prank is by using fake Blue Screen of Death image and setting it as the PC’s background. You can also use screensavers, such as the download and install the Bluescreen Saver v.3.2. This screensaver shows the actual system information, and it can be used in mimicking hard dive activity. Another way is using Notepad where you have to create a batch file and running it. Other ways include using a C++ program to open the BSoD Prank 1.0, which is downloadable on cnet.com.

You can use a remote BSoD invocator, KPSaver to prank your Mac OS-X friends, family, and coworkers. Using dashboard widgets can help you pull off the prank, and so does using a remote device that triggers a fake Blue Screen of Death prank. We hope that this article has adequately addressed what the fake Blue Screen of Death is, what you’ll need for the prank, and how to pull it off.

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